About Us


Legacy Landbank LLC  is a team of distinguished real estate and natural resource management professionals.  We provide advisory and brokerage services to high net worth individuals, families and businesses for  large non-commercial landholding transactions.   We also serve wealth managers, financial consultants, TIMOs, REITs and Capital funds in their efforts to serve their clients in the non-commercial land asset class. www.legacylandbank.com

Legacy Landbank is in no way a financial institution but is an association of career professionals from the real estate and natural resource areas.

Our extensive experience with farms, ranches, plantations, timberlands and conservation properties gives us the ability to assemble  teams with laser focus and conduct direct acquisition and disposition campaigns to meet the objectives of the people that we serve.  Legacy and conservation properties include working lands, historically significant tracts and environmentally important areas.  We have all been a part of historic land assemblages that have and will have global impacts for the environment.

All of our associates are career conservation, forestry, and licensed real estate professionals.

Contact us at legacylandbank@gmail.com

336.420.3388  Joe Kelleher (Greensboro NC)

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