Waterton Lakes and Glacier National Park: A place where the water reflects the sky

Far away in northwestern Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain peaks, lies an unmapped corner—the Crown of the Continent.
—George Bird Grinnell (1901)

The water is like a mirror that reflects the mountains and sky

It’s the Centennial celebration of National Parks, and we were delighted to visit a few of these places that have truly left a legacy. We explored Mount Mitchell State Park, Crater Lake National Park and now we reflect on our trip to the “Crown of the Continent:” Glacier National Park.

Crystal clear water ripples underneath the mountain range

Glacier National Park is located in Montana and the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia in Canada. The park borders Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada, which together form the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. We had the pleasure of visiting both the Canada and USA side of the national park, and captured these stunning views.

The mountains of Glacier National Park began forming 170 million years ago

Hiking the national park is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Seeing the rich ecosystem and nature around is stunning. It’s no wonder that in 1995, both parks were designated as World Heritage sites. A legacy indeed.

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