Red Fishing in Florida

photo 2 (16)
Marsh flats that flood at super tide.

We’ve talked before about fishing being an opportunity to enjoy the legacy of the surrounding nature. The importance of catch and release helps us to continue to enjoy  existing fisheries.

The danger of not adhering to catch and release is none more evident in the case of Florida’s redfish. In the early 1980s, redfish were overfished and the state was forced to intervene. Fortunately, groups like the Coastal Conservation Association assessed the damage and managed ways to rebuild the fishery. Today, fishermen of all ages can enjoy catching a redfish.

When fishing, you see the red fish “tail” in the flats flopping above the water surface while they feast on the millions of snails and tiny crabs below. Then, you cast a lure right in front of their face and hope they bite. The “spot and stalk” method of fishing is fun in itself. It’s hard to believe that they can swim in the grass, but they just need a bit of water to do so without effort.

photo 1 (17)
FIshermen enjoy their redfish catch and release


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