THE BIG REVEAL: Historic Hike Series, Part Three


The summit, the legacy

Today, we end our 3-part series detailing the historic “Cane to Cattail” hike from Cane River to Cattail peak. Our hike to the top was the first one of known history, trekking through unmarked trails, impassable dead fir brush, and aging bridges.

Preparing to summit Cattail Peak. From Left to Right: Worth Weller, Tim Sweeney, Joe Kelleher, Mike Leonard

We would like to thank the team who hiked such a tremendous trail: Worth Weller, photographer and Continuing Lecturer of English and Linguistics at Purdue University; Mike Leonard, practicing attorney and 2012 NC Wildlife Federation Conservationist of the Year and current Chairman of The Conservation Fund; and Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games and 2013 NC Wildlife Federation Land Conservationist Of The Year and owner of Box Creek Wilderness.

2014-06-07 15.42.31
Mike Leonard, current Chairman of the Conservation Fund pointing to the Cattail Peak Monument placed in 1993. Tim Sweeney has conserved the land at the peak for generations to come.
photo (53)
A bee lands on a rhododendron

Along with State Parks and US Forest Service, this area brings promise for conservation, sustainability, tourism and jobs for the area.  There are few places on earth so beautiful and untouched.

photo (54)
Cattail Peak in the distance

With continued care using the disciplines of forestry, biology, botany and wildlife management, this area has a place of national prominence.the future conservation outcome for all time.

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