Game Cameras: Hawk Edition

“Without the soaring birds, without the great forests, the free-flowing streams, the sight of the clouds by day, and the stars by night, we become impoverished in all that makes us human.” -Thomas Berry, The Great Work

Thomas Berry, John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Stephen Kellert, Richard Louv—-They all wrote about our obligations as humans to never loose the awe of our natural surroundings.  A simple camera in the wild reminds us how that awe can be refreshed and maintained.

My beautiful picture
Turkey Buzzard in mid-flight

We comb through 12,000 photos and try to get just the best.  These pictures capture that rare moment in film, such as a hawk diving for its prey, that goes by in a nanosecond.

My beautiful picture
Red Tail Hawk dives to prey

At anywhere between 12 to 16 pounds, it’s a wonder a turkey ever reaches flight.  Not a graceful landing either…but they do it none the less.

My beautiful picture
A turkey’s awkward landing

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