Stunning Views from NC Mountains

Could be a painting; view from head of Catawba River near Asheville, NC

In my lifetime, land conservancies have gained prominence and success I think because they went into the marketplace and worked inside the framework of private property rights. Rather than encouraging certain behaviors among landowners, they simply took title to the land to reach their conservation goals.  The thing I appreciated most was their dedication to the natural science of each ecosystem.

It’s hard not to be appreciative of bounding ecosystems when hiking, or even observing, land conservancies. The conspicuous beauty of the North Carolina mountains reminded me how striking a view can be. On a trip to Asheville, I was stunned by the vistas around the Catawba River. Although the magnitude of the view may not be effectively captured in a photo frame, we hope you will enjoy them too.

Additional view near the Catawba river
River headwater



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