Article Spotlight- The Land Investor

Once in a while we get to enjoy the recommendations of colleagues who find resources that look at the world with an insightful view. In this week’s article spotlight, we head over to Terraqua’s The Land Investor where John Watson posted an AP article articulating the comparative advantages of midwest farmland investment.

As we’ve said before, triple bottom line enterprise considers people, planet and profit. Watson expands on this concept in his post comparing midwest soils, which have the opportunity to freeze over, to global examples in Brazil and Argentina. He explains, “frost and the soil upheaval that results is a great benefit because it mitigates soil compaction.”  He further says that soils in places like Brazil are at a greater risk for soil compaction, thus, they have a reduction in farm income and yields.

Watson finds interesting topics such as current events and book recommendations that emphasize the great opportunities that come with having a land legacy. With writings on everything from from agriculture to biodiversity, we can’t wait for the next post. Thank you, John.


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