Three Legacy Landbank Highlights

happy new yearWith the start of a new year, there are opportunities to both start over and step back. In reflecting on the past year, here are three legacy highlights to take into 2014:

1. The best views come with a hike.

This past summer our hike to the Isom Mica Mine below Celo Knob and Deer Mountain required a nine mile hike with a moderate 3 mile climb to 4000′ elevation. The old logging trails and ancient narrow gauge railroad made the peak even more beautiful.

Mount Mitchell View from Below Deer Mountain
Mount Mitchell View from Below Deer Mountain

2. There are trees so strong that they can deflect a cannon.


Although the USS Constitution is most famous for a battle during the War of 1812, today it is the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat. The nickname “Old Ironsides” originates because enemy canon balls seemingly bounced off of the sides, which are made of three layers of oak.  Live oak, one of the most dense hardwoods, was sandwiched between two layers of white oak and proved to be an impenetrable shield.

3. As the year moves forward, it’s important to learn from those who are leading the way.


For fifty years, the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, with the approval of the Governor of North Carolina, has presented its conservation awards. We were proud to sponsor these prestigious honors for individuals, agencies and authorities who have proven their commitment to preserving land legacies and conservation in North Carolina.

We’d like to especially again congratulate the Land Conservationist of the Year, Tim Sweeney, who designated the Box Creek Wilderness in McDowell and Rutherford counties. Thanks to Tim, this area protects critical wildlife corridors for imperiled species.

As 2014 begins, we wish everyone a very healthy and happy new year!

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