Blog Spotlight—Do Good Capitalist

tumblr_inline_moeyasO6uH1qdfzszOnce in a while we get to enjoy the works of a writer who is able to look at the world with a fresh and insightful view.  Ellie Winninghoff is creating her own legacy in the literary world writing about the practical applications of triple bottom line enterprise.  Triple bottom line enterprise considers people, planet and profit.

A former investment banker, Ellie Winninghoff is a writer and consultant specializing in impact investing. If you haven’t read anything by Ellie yet, read her work over at her blog, Do Good Capitalist. Our favorite works recently are about the financial returns of grass and underground food movements. In addition, one year ago, Ellie Winninghoff was named 2012 Responsible Investment Journalist of the Year. See her winning work here.

Ellie finds interesting topics like the entrepreneurial application of ancient cattle grazing techniques that benefit grazing lands, meat quality, and financial returns.  She also writes about using wealth to create better ways to conserve working lands and family legacies.

Cattle Drive
Cattle Drive

Not one to write about the “same old same old”, Ellie follows a natural capital program that teams up “grown local” farmers with triple bottom line investors and then takes on how capitalists can learn about and benefit from carbon banking!  Ask her followers and they will tell you that when you finish reading about her discoveries, she always leaves you looking forward to her next article.  Thank you Ellie.

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