Box Creek Wilderness NC

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Unique Places LLC leads the team that is responsible for helping to make this conservation dream of Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney come to fruit.  Box Creek Wilderness is a globally significant Natural Heritage area and is a primary watershed for many towns and cities in western North Carolina.  With over fifty miles of perennial streams and significant rare wildlife habitat, Box Creek Wilderness was assembled from former timbered and subdivided land to a contiguous 12,369 acres.   It includes Rocky Face, Vein Mountain and Bob’s Pocket Wilderness.

Box Creek Wilderness
Box Creek Wilderness

Located in McDowell and Rutherford Counties, Box Creek Wilderness rises up to elevations over 3000′ and opens up wildlife corridors for the Lake Lure/Chimney Rock area to South Mountain State Park.  Just minutes from Highway I-40 on the southern side, Box Creek Wilderness is already attracting public attention for it’s natural treasures.

The objective of the Box Creek Wilderness team led by Tim Sweeney and Unique Places LLC is to restore and enhance the wildlife habitat back as natural forests.  This is no small undertaking, but results of tree planting, invasives control and some controlled burning that mimics natural burning has resulted in breathtaking changes in only a few years.6176458737_2b9b81294b

Flame Azalea and Mountain Laurel
Flame Azalea and Mountain Laurel

7919382356_a8c059c7faWe look forward to the next projects from Tim Sweeney and Unique Places LLC.  Please go to the site to learn more about rare and endangered flora and fauna in North Carolina.

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