Dr Stephen Kellert and Birthright

In November of 2012 one of the greatest books from one of the greatest authors on children and nature will be available on Amazon.  Birthright may be recorded in history as Dr Stephen Kellert’s defining moment in his writings.  A pioneer in the modern day studies of the principle of the innate connection humans have for nature, Dr Kellert brings the best of all his writings to the front of the class.  This will be a must read for young parents, academics and nature lovers like us.

Go to Amazon to read the reviews.  Birthright is well titled and easy reading.

There is awe in nature everywhere

I visited Dr Kellert one morning in New Haven while he was editing the final version of Birthright.  Not since I watched my uncle Thomas Berry write with such intensity and passion have I witnessed someone writing what they knew was a defining legacy.  Dr Kellert  wrote and rewrote final touches  like Michaelangelo finishing the Sistine Chapel.

Dr Stephen Kellert is a distinguished professor who had a stellar career teaching at Yale University School of Environmental Science.  He in fact was one of the many that helped turn the Yale School of Forestry into an Environmental Science curriculum.   His film on Biophylic architectural design is an extraordinary project that illustrates with examples that natural design in  architecture makes all our lives better by not denying or depriving ourselves of our natural connections.  This is an extraordinary man with a great message, written beautifully.

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