Carolina Pocosin

Legacy Landbank LLC is proud to announce the availability for sale of a 14,600 acre tract of Carolina Pocosin located adjacent to the Pocosin National Wildlife Refuge.  An area rich in history, this land lies in Hyde County NC and was once part of the First Colony Farms, one of America’s  largest corporate farms.  We are working in concert with The Conservation Fund  on this project.

Red Wolf

The northern tier of the tract is deep peat and is a potential peat carbon project.  The area is home to the red wolf, tundra swan and black bears.  It is a huge draw for waterfowl that includes, ducks, geese, and swans.

The southern area of the tract is adjacent to some of the richest farmland in the country.  Some of the acreage on the south side of the tract is non delineated wetlands and has potential for woody biomass production.

Tundra Swan

Inquiries should be directed to Joe Kelleher, Legacy Landbank, 336.420.3388

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